Heart and Soul Cafe is our expression of love for our community! We believe one of the best ways to express love is with good food!

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  • 29992 Hunter Road #102
  • (951) 698-5567

29992 Hunter Road #102, Murietta, CA 92563

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    • fjk
      February 14, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Nice little spot tucked away in the corner of a strip mall. I was attracted by the fact there were vegan options on the menu. We were welcomed as we entered even though it looked as though only one person was manning the shop.

      The space was neat and comfortable inside, though we decided it was such a nice day we’d eat outside at one of the tables there. Our food arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

      I’ll definitely have to go back to try some of the other options on the menu. What I ordered, the chicken-less sandwich was good, but I think experimenting with different options will let me find the best flavors for me. Probably the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

      One note, though they were good, it seems the baked sweet potato fries were dusted in sugar … I guess a southern thing. Unfortunately I use so little sugar that even a little is too much for me. Next time I’ll go for regular fries.

      All in all worth the trip and it was amazing to find a black-owned establishment near me. I’ll be going back.

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